I’ve got  various shapefiles that I need to  render on Google Maps.  I built Mapper.js  as a JQueryUI plugin to make  these kind of mapping tasks easy, however that uses GeoJSON and I wanted to start using TopoJSON.

The first problem I hit was that, when using  MapShaper, you can only process  the .shp file, which means you don’t get any of the meta data (shape ID or name, etc.) that would be useful when trying to manipulate or style the shapes based on  the relevant data (e.g. municipality / district / province / etc.).

I’m sure there’s an easy way to do this, but since I like reinventing wheels, I decided to build my own tool.

So here is the link to my TopoJSON  Property Editor, which lets you process  a TopoJSON file, and then click on the mapped polygons  to get a popup that lets you set properties on the underlying TopoJSON feature/geometry object.

TopoJSON Property Editor on bl.ocks.org

TopoJSON Property Editor on gist.github.com

So now I can click on a district in the map, and set the (missing) ID value, then copy the resulting TopoJSON out to my new project.

TopoJSON Property Editor